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Extraordinary situation needs extraordinary responses. And no response, in our recent memory, can be termed more extraordinary than what has been displayed in the last one year or so by one hundred and thirty crores of people of our country. They have once again proved the inner resilience of the community, which comes together whenever they are confronted with a challenge, whose effect can be felt by all segments of the society. But this display of immense certitude has required immense inner strength on the part of those who have got the end of the stick in the whole process - People working in unorganised sector (largely migrant laborers), who incidentally are the largest percentage of the working population, daily wage earners, house maids, hawkers and the list goes on. Even in the best of the times these people struggle hard to have two meal a day and it has turned into worse with the lockdown. Efforts on all the levels from all sectors are on to ameliorate the hardship faced by the marginalised sections of the society. And as an organisation working with the same population for last twenty years, we have also tried to mobilise our resources to fight this battle.

In the last one year of continuous fight against the Covid we all have done our bit to provide some succour to these marginalise people. Team Aident has tried to extend its helping hand to the people of Janta colony, Welcome, Trilokpuri, Sahabad Dairy, Bhalswa Village; Delhi, Jajpur, Kalinga Nagar, Odisha; Jamshedpur , East Singhbhum District of Jamshedpur Jharkhand; Panipat District of Haryana; Ludhiana District of Punjab; Purnea and Buxar District of Bihar; Bulandshahar and Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh. Creating awareness about Corona and ways and means to prevent its spread, running community Kitchen, distribution of Free dry ration, milk for the kids, mask for all, sanitary napkin for women, are some of the activities which we have taken up. Through all these activities we have tried to reach out to different demography- migrant, SC, ST, TG , rural, families of the Child labours and so on.

Apart from working with the community we have also partnered with the different government hospitals in the rural area and tried to strengthen the infrastructure in their fight against COVID.

All of this has been possible because of generous support of our partner agencies and people around us. Tata Power, Nestle India, Tata Steel, IEL, Tata Cummins, Panjab National Bank, all have supported us in this endeavour. To make this whole process more targeted East Singhbhaum district administration has identified us as one of the nodal agencies and asked us to identify areas which are underserved by Public Distribution System, identification of the population not covered by the PDS, identify hard to reach areas and small habitation and ensure that they are provided with ration, identification and training of volunteers, listing of pregnant women and malnourished children and provide them with desired nourishment, identification of places which can be converted into quarantine centres, identification of areas where daily wage labourers have got stuck and need immediate help.

The struggle of the marginalised section of the society would continue for a substantial period of time with the slowdown in economy. This is the time that we, as a responsible member of our community, should stretch ourselves, in our effort to reduce the burden, which the marginalised section of our society has faced without any fault of their own.

We are committed to continue our effort in these times of immense human crisis and sure that the human spirit would again triumph over this unfolding human tragedy. In our ongoing march of defeating Corona we hope to find us all together in it and pretty sure that your commitment towards human emancipation would shine more brightly in these dark times and would support us in our endeavour

A brief list of some of our intervention in our fight against COVID

Community Kitchen for Needy children & their family under COVID in Delhi, Jamshedpur and Odisha

Dry Rations for vulnerble children & their family in slums of Delhi, Jahrkhand and Odihsa

Mask Distribution- produced by SHG members Delhi, Jahrkhand and Odihsa

Materials for Testing COVID-19 for district administration, East SInghbhaum, Jharkhand
VTM Kits, Nitrile Gloves, Surgeon Cap, Nylon Swab Stick, PPE Kit

COVID Ward renovation in MGM Medical College & hospital , Jamshedpur
Semi Autoanalyzer Machine for Biochemical Analyser, Orthopaedic Bone drill Machine (Electric), Electric Steriliser (L) 24 Inch X (W) 20 Inch X (H) 22 Inch, Stand 20 Inch (Stainless Steel), Stretcher, Wheelchair, Oxygen Trolley, Syringe Infusion Pump Warmer, Radiant Warmer (Child), Phototherapy Machine (Double Surface), Semi Autoanalyser Machine for Bio Chemical Analyser-1 Desktop Computer with Laser Printer, Fibre Chair ,

Supporting the 6 Local government schools during reopening
Infra Thermometer , Hand Sanitizer Stand, Masks, Hand Sanitizer Stand, Masks, Sanitiser, Hand Wash Liquid Shop, Hand gloves (100 pack), Face shield Sanitiser fogging machine

Infrastructure renovation of Vaccination Centre, Sadar Hospital Jamshedpur
Sahde for immunization centre at Sadar Hospital Jamshedpur
MECHANICAL VENTILATOR, CPAP , BIPAP , INFUSION PUMP, CENTRAL VENNOUS CATHETER(double lumen), ABG MACHINE, Patient trolley Stretcher (with wheels), Wheelchair, Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Masks , Oxygen Concentrators , Water Purifier (RO), B-Type Medical Oxygen Cylinder with Regulator, Surgical Mask

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