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  • Under Promoting Sanitation in rural areas in Jharkhand; out of 300 ODF villages 200 villages have been facilitated by team AIDENT.

  • In Jojobera area of Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) we have been engaged in changing the sanitation and hygiene behavior of more than 17500 households, largely tribalís, through behavior change communication and motivating them to construct Individual household latrine and use them to ensure that their community turn into ODF (Open Defecation Free) with the support of Tata Power Limited.

  • In Dhanbad district of Jharkhand we have been working with 3500 households to ensure that every household has a toilet and they practice safe sanitation and hygiene habits with the support of Maithan Power Limited.

  • Carried out Total Sanitation Campaign through CLTS Model and facilitated in making four Nirmal Grams in Haryana, including first Nirmal Gram in Mansalwas, which got rewarded by President of India and it was documented by the Prof Kamal Kar as one of the best practices in the field of sanitation.

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Health & RCH

  • Carried out Targeted Intervention with more than 13000 High Risk Group Population and with 65000 -75000 vulnerable population to halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and bring down STI/RTI/ significantly. This continuous pursuit of excellence has resulted in being repeatedly recommended for learning sites for other organization working in this filed.

  • Working in 11 high Prevalence Districts of Punjab, Haryana & UttaraKhand to create Awareness & Detection of Hepatitis B & C. More than one and half million populations would be sensitized about the threat of Heptaitis-B &C and ways it can be prevented.

  • As a partner of National Rural Health Mission in Haryana, in the field of Reproductive Child Health, we work on enhancing the capacity of local health infrastructure, by ensuring increasing access to institutional deliveries for safe and quality care Upgrading the skills of birth attendants, local health volunteers, and ANMs.

  • As a part of Bloomberg Initiative Grant we worked on strengthening and augmenting ongoing tobacco control advocacy in India and bolster government-NGO partnership at all levels, to enable a politically, legally and socially conducive environment to strengthen effective enforcement of existing tobacco control legislation, through development of mechanisms to monitor enforcement and report violations in Haryana state

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Livelihood & Skill Development

From organizing SHG of the women to creating farmers group Aident has availed every possible opportunity to create a support base for sustainable livelihood. In almost every education programme skill development has been one of the main focuses of our programme. Motorcycle repairing, electrical work, binding, tailoring and stitching, plumbing, mobile repairing and several such skill sets are being part of our focus. We understand that providing backward and forward linkages to these groups are one of the major factors in sustainability of group and livelihood as well. So each and every skill development porgramme is designed to ensure that these linkages are not only established but also robust enough to last the course.

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Women Empowerment

From the very inception we keep reminding ourselves that any social transformation cannot be realized without an active participation of the women and that is why not only we have been running programme for the empowerment of women through creating opportunities for sustainable livelihood but also ensuring that in each and every programme women are an important stakeholder. From planning phase to implementation or any dimension of the programme which directly concerns the women enjoys the prime position in our strategy. Making menstrual hygiene a prime concern in our all sanitation related porgramme is one such instance

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Child Labour

If children are the future of the nation than prevalence of child labour is the biggest road block. In the last ten years Aident has been continuously working for eradication and rehabilitation of child labour through advocacy with the government system to implement the provisions of child labour without fail and creating enabling environment for the mainstreaming of child labour through education and skill development. We have had the opportunity of working with more than 10000 child labour in all these years with the satisfaction of making most of them mainstreamed in the formal education system and arming them with skill which would stand them in good while searching for a livelihood.

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