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An empowered society and community doesn’t need anybodies help. They are capable of taking care of themselves. Our every project is very much driven with this belief. From the very inception of our organization we have strived to build the capacity of the community we are working with. Whether education or sanitation we have always ensured that the community understands the power of education and sanitation and how indispensable they are for a dignified living and moving up on the ladder of the development. Changing community perspective towards development and their role in it has always been a very important aspect of our projects and that is why we have always relied on the role of natural leaders of the society. Once the natural leaders are on board and convinced that how this programme can help their community in improving the quality of life programme takes wings. A community which is aware about its right and entitlements ensures that it get what is its right and ensures that the delivery mechanism for providing the services are working properly and the institutions responsible for them are working in responsible and transparent manner.

Working largely with the rural community we have focused our attention on the capacity building of the Panchayt Raj institutions and its delivery mechanism. At the same time we have also ensured that the community is empowered and well aware about it right and duties. An aware community creates demand and put pressure on the institutions and delivery mechanism to deliver the services to the targeted audience.

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