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Our focus on health has always been driven by the desire that the health facility should reach out to the last person in the society. That is why most of our efforts has been focused on the margianlised sections of the society specially women.

As a continuation of our effort we are working in 11 high Prevalence Districts of Punjab, Haryana &UttaraKhand, in partnership with Mylan Pharmaceuticals (A US pharma Major), to create Awareness & Screening of Hepatitis B & C. More than one and half million populations would be sensitized and vulnerable among them would be screened for this as well as being linked with government health system. We always believe that working with the government health system yield much better result. And that is why while implementing Targeted intervention porgramme in the field of HIV/AIDS we have always put special emphasis on government health institution.

We are also carrying out Targeted Intervention with more than 13000 High Risk Group Population and with 65000 -75000 vulnerable population to halt and reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and has brought down STI/RTI/ significantly in partnership of State Aids Societies of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Jharkhand. This continuous pursuit of excellence has resulted in being repeatedly recommended for learning sites for other organization working in this filed.

It is because of this experience and learning in the field of health we were made a part of Bloomberg Initiative Grantwhere we worked on strengthening and augmenting ongoing tobacco control advocacy in India and bolster government-NGO partnership at all levels, to enable a politically, legally and socially conducive environment to strengthen effective enforcement of existing tobacco control legislation, through development of mechanisms to monitor enforcement and report violations.

As a partner of National Rural Health Mission in Haryana we implemented the intervention in the field of Reproductive Child Health by ensuring increasing access to institutional deliveries for safe and quality careUpgrading the skills of birth attendants, local health volunteers, and ANMs.

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