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“The first principal of teaching is that nothing can be taught” (Sri Aurobindo)

Education has been our passion from the very beginning. In last fifteen years of our existence, Aident has continuously engaged with children of marginalized sections of society and our first intervention was also in the field of child education. In all these years, all education related interventions of Aident are being driven by the dictum of learning by doing and joyful learning. More than 15000 thousand children have helped us to learn that what it takes to make educational intervention work for marginalized children. In this endeavor we have got ample support from all quarters of society- individual (who supported our first educational intervention way back in --------), International NGOs (Terres Des Hommes, Germany) Government run programmes ( Sarva Siksah Abhiya, National Child Labour Programme), and corporate ( Deutch Ban Schenker, Germany).

Guided by the principal of being partners in learning, we have been able to bring back thousands of illiterate and dropout children, from the margins of society to the classrooms thus making our educational system more inclusive and a society more egalitarian in true sense of term. This unleashing of creative energy of these children towards their individual development as well as the society at large will go a long way in realizing the ideas of Sir Aurobindo towards the role and meaning of education.

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