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National Child Labour Programme (NCLP)

As a partner organization of National Child Labour Programme (NCLP), the single largest programme being run by the Ministry of Labour and Employment for the elimination of the child labour in India, Team Aident has the privilege of running one of the biggest programmes to eradicate child labour in India. To understand and learn that how the menace of child labour is afflicting our society -Team Aident visited more than 16000 shops and 2000 factories in Panipat in Haryana. Based on the learning gleaned out of surveying the plight of child labour in these concerns a programme was designed with four-pronged strategy. First- sensitizing the owners of these concerns aware that engaging the child labour in their business is socially, economically, ethically and legally wrong. Secondly, sensitizing the parents about the need to educate their children to break the vicious cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Thirdly, creating a curriculum around a pedagogy, which is enriching as well as engaging to ensure that kids should not only be brought to these centers of learning but also remain engaged in a manner that they get main streamed in the regular educational system.

This intense engagements with the students was more strengthened with the help of mid day meal and stipend. Fully realizing that whatever support we can garner for this would be less, we roped in Red Cross to provide them a range of incentives like -blanket jersey etc. As a part of our effort we also partnered with L &T who supported us with sewing machines. Even the Local PRI members also put their bit and distributed shoes, shocks etc among the kids.

To make this whole programme more worthwhile for the children, as part of our strategy, skill development classes were also organized where skills like motorcycle repairing, electrician, binding, tailoring and stitching, plumbing, carpentry were imparted to students. By the time this programme came to an end, more than 6500 students had availed the facilities of these centers and took a step towards a more empowered and fruitful life. More than 4000 children were mainstreamed and they became a part of government’s initiative of financial inclusion by opening accounts in nationalized banks.

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