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Bhatta Pathsaala Brick klin

Brick kiln (Non Formal Education Programme for Children in district Panipat. (Haryana)

As a partner of Haryana Government’s stated goal of providing "Right to Education" to every child; as a partner agency of Haryana Prathmic Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad, Chandigarh under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Team Aident was instrumental in establishing Bhatta Pathsalas/ worksite schools at various clusters of Brick –kilns and major construction sites in district Panipat. As there are no formal schooling facilities on or in the neighborhood of these brick-kilns.

Pursuing cluster approach we identified 14 brick kiln clusters. Which included 48 worksites and established 73 informal centre catering to the one thousand eight hundred twenty five kids of the labour force working in the kilns. We organized these pathsalas (school) in the kiln itself to minimize distance and encourage greater enrollment and attendance of these children because Parents of these children were reluctant to send them too far. These Bhatta Pathshalas were running 6-hours/ day to meet educational requirement of this programme within stipulated time frame.

To sensitize the teachers about the challenges of teaching these kids one-day orientation programme was organized and teaching learning materials for them developed as well. The whole focus of our teaching strategy was on accelerated learning and all the pedagogical tools were driven by the idea of joyful learning and learning by doing. Realising the pull factor of the mid day meal the volunteers of Team Aident took upon themselves the task of ensuring it in these schools with lot of effort because mostly these centres were located in vey remote area.

All these together created a conducive environment where within six months almost all these kids were mainstreamed in the regular school. This programme proved to be a great learning experience for the Team Aident of how to create an enabling environment to ensure results in time bound manner.

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