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Rehabilitation Centre For Destitute & Migrant Child Labour

Children are the most vulnerable part of our society and the sense of vulnerability becomes more acute when they are destitute, part of labour force or migrant. Our NCLP programme was an effort to provide a kind of protection against this vulnerability. As an appreciation of our continuous effort in the field of education and child labor,we were given the responsibility to run the Residential Rehabilitation Centre for Destitute and migrant Children and Child Labors in district Panipat of Haryana. The overall objective of this centre was Holistic development of destitute or children of migrant population below 14 years of age through residential facilities along with alternative learning and skill development training.

As a part of our strategy we carried out a survey to identify destitute & migrant children from railway station, industries having child labors as well as feeder (slum areas) which supplies child labors to industries. We made sure that all the destitute children identified during this survey were brought to the Rehabilitation centre and were provided proper accommodation. Apart from providing them with education it was also ensured that they are trained in some gainful employment so that they make a living once they are grown enough to be legally employed. Altogether there were five trades in which facility were made available for training. Apart from these, opportunities were created for them to get engaged in co-curricular activities like Yoga, sports, drama, debate, singing etc. for all round personality development. In no time those shy timid and terrified looking children turned into a confident bunch of individuals ready to face the world.

It was this continuous pursuit of excellence, which made this centre a place of must visit for every one working in the field of education and child rehabilitation.

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