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Remedial Classes

Towards light is a manifestation of our continuous commitment towards the cause of education and effort of keep raising the bar. For us it was a new experience as well as it is first time we are working with any educational institution and our intervention has to jell with the existing pattern of education. The limitation of this intervention is that we have to operate in a certain boundary, which any institution place before you but it also provides you an immense opportunity to innovate within that structure to maximize the impact.

The journey of the last one year or so is a journey of discovery. Discovering the limitation of our own intervention, challenges of teaching a student community, which is in class fourth and five but majority of them have not even attained the standard of class two. Most of them were first generation learners whose parents are migrants and in most of the cases both of them are working. Parents were hardly bothered about study of their kids because first they neither have time nor the inclination for this.

The first and foremost task was to win over the trust of students for whom coming to school was a part of their daily routine and had hardly any attraction. Creating a class room environment which attracts the kid and retain their interest was first and foremost challenge which we were able to overcome through using the tools of joyful learning and learning by doing. A concerted effort on part of students to learn with the help of a very young and dynamic teaching faculty produced a result, which went beyond even our expectation. In the percentage terms the increase ranged from 150 percent to 350 percent once again proving that these kids can do wonders with little bit of our help.

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