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Anti- Tobacco Campaign

As a partner of Bloomberg Initiative in India, against tobacco, we worked for strengthening and augmenting ongoing tobacco control advocacy in India and bolster government-NGO partnership at all levels, to enable a politically, legally and socially conducive environment to strengthen effective enforcement of existing tobacco control legislation, through development of mechanisms to monitor enforcement and report violations. Simultaneously, the project will also involve vigorous advocacy for strengthening weak provisions and call for effective enforcement of existing legislation.

As a part of this initiative we organised a series of workshop with government official’s for effective enforcement of existing legislation and encourage civil society to partner and complement governmental efforts in monitoring progress and reporting violations. As a part of this project we carried out our advocacy efforts to bring appropriate amendments in the law to improve enforceability, reduce scope for the tobacco industry to exploit infirmities and make it fully compliant with FCTC.

Provide legal assistance to governments, NGOs and partners to tackle challenges in effective enforcement of the law by sensitizing about the legal provisions and providing legal guidance. We also engaged with other civil society organizations and networks to promote Tobacco Control (AFTC) and improved coordination for identification of advocacy issues and strategy planning. As a part of this project we also worked on creating a knowledge and information resource bank to keep multiple stakeholders abreast of past and current international, national, regional and local developments in the field of tobacco control policies, advocacy and litigations.

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