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Sustainable Agriculture Tata

Team Aident, in partnership with Green View Nursery (Project partner of Tata Power Community Development Trust) is working with the tribal farmers of Jharkhand to introduce them to new ways of farming as well as finding avenues to market their produce at a much better price. Introducing them to innovative technologies, like drip irrigation, soil testing, changing crop pattern are bringing a new change in the way this sector is being looked at not by the farmers but by outsiders as well. Looking at the way the modern technologies are being used and return on investment is increasing by manifold, more and more farmers want to partner with us. This increase in profit has been made possible by cutting down the number of intermediaries and reducing their role in determining the price of the yield.

The acres and acres of land which were left almost untouched because of quality of the land as well lack of access to infrastructure are now turned into green carpet of plants of melon, musk melon, cauliflower, tomato, green chili etc.

Realizing that if we start multiple projects of such types with different groups of farmers we can leverage it much more for procurement of farming infrastructure as well as marketing of the produce we have we are organizing these farmers in to a federation. The idea is to form and empower this federation to such a level where outside agency like ours presence would become redundant.

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