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Promoting Sustainable Sanitation - Dhanbad

Partnering with Maithan Power limited, AIDENT Social Welfare Organisation is striving hard to change the scenario in Jamshedpur and create a model, which is not only replicable but also fit to be scaled up. In the last six months of our partnership with the people of Nirsa Block of Dhanbad Block and Maithan Power limited AIDENT has reached out to Twenty one Villages of this block, covering more than Fifty habitats (Tola) having more than Five thousand households.

What makes this project different from all the other sanitation drives, is the complete ownership of the project by the village communities. This project does not derive strength from any help, patronage or subsidy from any agency but sustained by the desire of the villagers to live a healthy and dignified life. As a part of this project every household is not only having a toilet, made by their own effort, but they have started using that also. This is just the beginning.

In the coming years each and every household of these villages, as envisage, will witness a dramatic change in the sanitation practices of the area and would take the individualís attitude and community participation in the up keeping of hygiene and sanitation to a new level. PRI are one of the corner stones of the society and they are of our programme as well. We fully appreciate this fact that Community and Panchayat Raj Institutions are the main movers of the Swachcha Bharat Mission (SBM) and a partnership between all the stakeholders is the prerequisite for the success of SBM by 2nd October 2019.

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