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Formation and promotion women SHG

Team Aident firmly believes in the dictum that women empowerment is one of the key factors in development of any community and society and the way towards overall development of society goes through the economic empowerment of the women. It is this realization that has always prompted us to work towards ensuring the livelihood of marginalized women of our society. As a part of our continuous endeavor in this direction we are partnering with Tata Power in Jamshedpur to organized the tribal women in self help groups.

What makes this effort important is the focus of our team on the empowerment of the women in the true sense of terms where they are not only organized and trained in a certain activity but also are made aware about the community around us and what role they can play in over all growth of the society by participating actively in the public domain like gram Sabha. Through training and workshop these women are being made aware about their entitlements and duties as well different government schemes which are targeted to women in general and the community in particular.

This empowered group of women are gradually changing not only the way they operate in their own family but also influencing the way schemes are implemented in the village and affairs of gram Sabha as well. This active participation of women in community and local government affairs is certainly influencing the way these things are conducted and they are now much more sensitive to the women’s perspective and their perspective is also getting space in decision making processes.

The number of women’s group has reached to 50 and today we are working with around 750 women and thus in a situation to bring a qualitative change in 750 families, the way they look at the girl child, their education, health of the female members of the family etc. We treat it just as a beginning and hope that in the coming years many more women would join this movement.

Working extensively with some of the most marginalized communities of India the idea has always been to make them educated as well as skilled. In a social milieu where education has a premium and skill was not seen so favorably till some time back we have always believed that arming someone with a skill would ensure livelihood for her/him and their family. It is with this belief that whenever we got an opportunity to work in the field of education we never forgot to dovetail skill with it.

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